Tuesday, August 11, 2015

KostumeGirl's Burning Man Packing List

The clock is ticking and you need to pack your bin to go to Burning Man!
Don't worry I'm here with my moderate experience of going to the playa to help you.

KostumeGirl's Burning Man Packing List: 

Besides your shade structure which you are hopefully building with some friends to share, this is your home!
To keep my bin relatively light I use a smaller tent. Its 4 person which is fine for me for a week. The tarp is in case of rain or to contain something messy. Remember any paint chips, wood chips, random nails need to be picked up at the end of the week! I use a door mat outside of my tent door to keep my boots on and "try" to keep some dust out. I NEVER step foot inside my tent with dusty boots or shoes on.

Plastic plate

Canteen cup w carabiner (license clear taped to the side optional)
This not a backyard BBQ, nobody brought a cup, spoon, plate for you. Don't bring disposable cause you will have to carry it ALL out with you. You will produce an alarming amount of garbage that way and end up with no room in the car for it during Exodus.
Some people tape a COPY of their license to their cup. All bars at Burning Man check I.D.s (The law is still the law).





Baby wipes

DO NOT THROW BABY WIPES IN THE PORT-O-POTTIES. Anything that is not made by your body does not go in the potty. ANYTHING else gets stuck in the filters of the pump trucks and royally fucks up the whole bathroom situation. Deal with it. 
Power strip
The reason I list "heavy gauge" specifically for extension cords is if your camp has a generator for power you will be wasting power with flimsy household extension cords. Don't cheap out, get the heavy duty outdoor kind. 


Lights for inside tent


Every hour of every day and night at Burning Man there will be someone talking, laughing, blasting music, etc. Thats just how it is. There are NO quiet hours. Someone will think its funny to blast the Sound of Music on the first morning at 7am (happened to me). Tent walls are made of supremely unsound proof nylon. SO pack the big box of ear plugs, ear muffs, Noise canceling hats, Air traffic controller type whatever!



Eye drops
Each day take a little time to take care of your body. Simply spraying my nose with saline and blowing out all the dust make me feel like a new person every time. SPF every day more than once a day. Your body is working much harder to keep you going in this foreign and harsh environment. Replenish your vitamins and electrolytes.

Zip ties

Duct tape

Utility knife

Save your hands the pain of rope burn while tying down your tent. Put on gloves. Bring extras. 

Goggles (3)

Socks lots of socks

Take excellent care of you feet, you will use them more than you thought at the Burn! Bring lots of fresh socks, pack them in zip-loc bags to keep them dust free, treat yourself to a vinegar foot bath every once in a while.
Headlamps are VERY useful. You may arrive in the middle of the night despite your best laid plans. A headlamp will provide hands free light for tent set up.

Finally enough preparedness and time for fun.
Decorations for your bike (pack a bike lock)
Fur coats!
Glow sticks are not good for Burning Man. They mildly work for a few hours end up as trash you have to bring out again. I guess the same could be said for batteries but maybe you have a solar charger! 

My favorite part of the burn.
There are a million different events which are made better with costumes. The Billion Bunny March, The French Maid Brigade, The Unicorn StampedePirate Party, Onesie Monday, etc!  Pack your costumes!
Come to Kostume Kult at 6:45 & Esplanade and we will gift you a costume transformation that you will not soon forget.

and lastly...
Things to NOT pack in your main luggage or shipping container.
Here are things you should bring in your carry on and have readily available.
Identification (not a copy)
1 Dust Mask
Your Actual TICKET
Vehicle pass (needs to be actually stuck to the windshield -not just shown)

1 pair of Goggles

Your first playa outfit! 
Including---- Work Gloves and practical shoes /boots. while some people get right to work "unprotected" its makes things more complicated on what you can help with.

Light - Porto potties are dark...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Kostume Kult presents: Black & Light Ball #10 - Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Black & Light Ball 10 - Saturday May 16, 2015.

Our annual pre summer formal is turning 10 this year! What a milestone!
This glowing bash is a very special part of our Burning Man fund raisers for Kostume Kult and a great excuse to make yourself a new UV reactive costume!
Personally I start shopping with my travel black light in my purse cause you never know what kind of materials glow (or don't glow for that matter) under UV lights. 

Our theme this year is inspired by Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K. Dick, the sci-fi novel behind Blade Runner. It will be a futuristic and psychedelic dystopian wonderland that will glow like crazy! 

So what to wear?
Dust off your black light from high school and head to your costume closet to see what glows. Whites, neon greens and hazard oranges seem to glow brightest, although a good lightening yellow can pop well too. I am thinking of taking a white dress I've never worn and puffy painting the heck out of it to create a trippy glow patterned formal dress.
Remember to test your materials. I have bought fabric that I was SURE would glow great only to get home and find the black light results to be lackluster. I can't stress enough how handy a travel black light flashlight on a keychain is for testing your paint, paper or fabric before you buy.
Black & Light Ball has traditionally been our "formal" event, when we kind of poke fun of proms, formal dances or even cotillion. With this futuristic theme, top hats with gears and robot parts would be appropriate or poofy white glowing tulle skirts! Let your imagination go wild cause you cannot possibly overdress for a Kostume Kult party. Just look at some of the outfits of Black & Light Balls past.

Remember to buy your tickets early to get the best possible price. If you are worried that you plans might change, you can always sell your ticket to another party goer on the Facebook event page!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New York City You Are My Garbage Splashed Glass Slipper.

What does it all mean? -Existential Pigeon
To visitors, New Yorkers probably seem like complete unfriendly douche bags with their face buried in their phone or a scowl for you because you're holding them up on their way to work or Afro-yoga class. Truth be told it takes a bit of a hard shell to simply survive a typical NYC day. If I reacted as any decent human would to each cardboard sign explaining a personal hardship or speech to a crowd of strangers about the struggles life has dealt I would be a walking open wound leaking out emotions all over 5th Avenue. We tune out with headphones, books or simply avoidance of eye contact at all costs as a coping mechanism. Pride surfaces when we announce how many years we have "survived" New York. However when it comes to a middle of the road girl like myself, not poor, but never going to be NYC rich, I wonder what is the end game? Survive NYC for 20 years then give up the game for the suburbs OR press on and hope I meet someone doing well enough so we can combine incomes and claim a handful of square feet on Manhattan proper where we will fork over our hard earned money for $12 boxes of cereal and gym memberships that we are gonna start using soon. Are the riches of culture, public transportation and food at all hours of night worth the daily survival of rush hour, noise pollution and unlimited smells?

Recently I had to get a large garbage  bag full of costumes from Queens to the Lower East Side via the subway. Between way too many flights of stairs, turnstiles and people the struggle was real. It led me to complain to my friend and former roommate, "Everything is so hard here!". Imagine if I was in the suburbs. It would have gone something like this: heave bag in car, drive car to destination, pull bag out of car. Oh, but who takes pride in surviving suburbia??
Having watched Breakfast At Tiffany's for the first time (can't believe it took me this long) I realized I'm like Holly Golightly. I'm clinging to my faux fabulous Manhattan life with all 10 manicured fingernails. That's my plan until I find a city that matches me as well. 
New York you are my garbage splashed glass slipper!

Here's another blogger who's feeling my pain.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kostume Kult presents: Baaaaaad KKids Valentines Party

KK's 4th Annual Valentines Party
Saturday, February 14th, 9pm - 4am

Kostume Kult welcomes in the Year of the Goat with a fantastic, dramatic and slightly spastic Valentines celebration. Channeling this peaceful and whimsical creature with a penchant to climb, lick and chew, participants are encouraged to bring your goat-cheesiest or sexy-valentine's best.

27 Union Square West @ 16th Street
(across street from 456LNRQ trains)

TIX: Buy Now
Presale tiers $20/ 25/ 30
More at the door/ cheap drinks all night

All Valentines style encouraged or play along with the theme… Formally the "Year of the Goat/ Ram/ Sheep" -- come as anything horny, wooly, cute or cuddly. Farmyard or mountain. Billy Goats, Nanny Goats, Baaaaby Goats ('kids'), mythical Fauns or anything baaaaaaad or naaauuuughty valentine in red, white or pink... Or be a Black Sheep and do something completely different !!! With participation comes maximal love.

Illich Mujica (MothLab Recordings)
$mall ¢hange (No Parking/WFMU)
Milk (Binative/Kostume Kult)
Reaganomics (ESO)
Kinner G (Atlantis)
Shisaa (Vitamin B/The JunXion)
Joro Boro (Hookahdome)
- more tba 

VJ Krunch - Sexy Goat Mashups!

* Propose something or volunteer to help create:
Petting Zoo
Udder Wall
Salt Licking
Hoof Fetish
Horny Goat Weed treatments
Black Sheep Group Therapy
Kupid's Kloset
Lickety Goat Photobooth
and the return of the personally molded Chocolate Vaginas... And Nipples!. (Models requested.)


Marianna Lavin: Producer
Eliza Spear: Volunteers
Miguel Peschiera: Decor
Dba Milk: Music
Alizarin Zroob: Flyer
Ticket Problems?: Tickets@kostumekult.com

Kostume Kult's Valentine party is an absurdist take on an overblown consumerist holiday where the love and community are real and not forced by social convention. Kept fresh by baking in the Chinese New Year theme (Feb 18th this year) this is an excellent place to bring a date or find one. Or get involved in a creative project! All pervy references are with artistic license and meant in good humor